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About Us


Ocean Grove Optometrists - Majella O'Connor Owner OperatorOcean Eyes Optometrists is owned and operated by optometrist and Ocean Grove resident, Majella O'Connor.

The practice originally opened in the Trak Arcade in 2003 as a Visioncrest franchise.  In May 2007, we moved to larger premises in Park Lane, and in May 2008, we took the exciting opportunity to become independent, and changed our name to Ocean Eyes.  This independence has enabled us to live out our philosophy of excellence in eyecare; we want our clients to be more than satisfied - we want them to love their glasses!

How do we achieve this?

Attractive eyewear and a comprehensive eye examination are both important in determining the success of glasses.  Frames should look good, fit well, and suit the function of the lenses.  As optometrists, we are in the best position to make this happen.

Eyewear should be chosen to complement one's image and visual needs. Glasses must be functional, but never boring. Wearing glasses - or contact lenses - should be comfortable, and fun.Ocean Grove Optometrists - Ocean Eyes

Service is everything. 

Our staff are friendly and efficient - we care about you!  We will provide excellent eye health assessment and advice that is honest, and caters to your individual requirements. After sales service, the best available product warranties and promptness of delivery are all a high priority for Ocean Eyes Optometrists - because they are a high priority to you!

What We Provide

  • An holistic approach to vision care.

  • Comprehensive eye examinations, including screening for glaucoma, cataract, macula degeneration and diabetic retinopathy.

  • Thorough assessment of vision problems, and honest professional advice about the best method of correction (glasses, contact lenses, exercises or laser refractive correction).

  • Digital retinal imaging

  • Advice about, and accurate dispensing of, the best type of spectacle lenses for your individual visual needs and lifestyle.

  • Skilled contact lens fitting, and patient tuition to ensure you can manage them confidently.

  • Children's vision testing and management.

  • The best brands and latest looks in frames, and guidance in selecting the one which most enhances your features and colouring.

  • Spectacle repairs and adjustments.

  • Low vision assessment for the partially sighted.

  • Quality sunglasses to provide the best UV protection, great fashion and comfort.


We care that you continue to see well, look great, and love your glasses!


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